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I’m finding odd piles of sawdust around my Manhattan property. Why is that?

If it is a pest problem then you probably have either termites or carpenter ants. Termites and carpenter ants both produce frass, which can often be confused with sawdust, but there is a difference. The trick is to look closely at the “sawdust”. Termites actually produce tiny pellets which are usually beige or brown (but the color is in relation to the wood they eat). This will look like piles of sand but from far could look like sawdust as the pellets are roughly the size of ground pepper. Carpenter ants produce frass which looks like sawdust. Carpenter ants do not eat wood like termites; instead they chew it and remove it from their den to create their homes.

Do you use rat poison?

Yes. Our rodenticides are place in low profile tamper resistant bait stations which can be used for rat or mice control. The tamper resistant stations can only be open with a key, making them safe to be around children, pets and non-targeted animals. In some cases we also provide GreenPro services which requires no use of rat poison.

What are some natural ways I can keep pests away?

There are many different ways to reduce a bug issue.

  • Bats - no one wants a bat infestation but if you have a bat house and a family living in it then you are significantly reducing your bug problem. Bats can eat 500-1000 mosquitoes in one night.
  • Ladybugs - if you have a garden and are worried about aphids (pests that eat your plants) then get some ladybugs. These little beauties can eat about 50 to 60 aphids a day!
  • Plants that repel mosquitoes - Lemon balm, marigolds, catnip, basil, lavender and citronella grass are all plants that mosquitoes do not like to be around.
  • Remove standing water - mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs. Go around your property to make sure that you don’t have old containers that have filled with rain water. If you own a bird bath make sure to change the water every second day or so.

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